Natural Accelerator™

Going somewhere with your weight wins? Accelerate to go faster. Natural Accelerator™ is thermogenic, metabolic, fat-burning help without the junk.* Turn up the heat on defeat.

  • Burn clean. Dairy-, gluten-, soy- and filler-free.
  • Fast faster. Natural Accelerator supports metabolism to help your body burn more calories naturally, making it a great choice for intermittent fasting.*
  • Trusted ingredients. Green tea, ginger, cayenne, and cacao seed. Cultures have been using these fantastic fat burners for thousands of years.
  • Everyday support. No need to slow down — Natural Accelerator is safe to use any day, not just on fasting days.
  • Thermogenesis? YES
    Rad science: You can burn more calories and increase your body’s metabolic rate by using thermogenic compounds — and Natural Accelerator has them.
    Burn fat, not the midnight oil
    Natural Accelerator is made with natural ingredients and no artificial caffeine, so it likely won’t keep you up, and you aren’t likely to feel flushed or jittery. Unless your crush walks by. Be cool, be cool.
    Just say no to the plateau
    Working hard but not seeing results? Running for miles and not seeing a drop in inches? Plateaus are normal and part of the process. We’ve all been there. Natural Accelerator uses naturally occurring niacin and chromium to help you bust through a plateau.* It’s the metabolic support you’ve been searching for.
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What’s Inside

Your whirlwind ticket to weight loss wins

Green Tea
The power of the world’s most popular, most trusted health tea.
Apple Cider Vinegar
The age-old benefits of ACV without the unpleasant taste.
A powerful red spice that’s great for thermogenesis, but not so great on pizza.
Black Pepper
There’s a reason people used to sail around the world for it.
The famous root that studies are finding may be at the root of lower inflammation and better weight loss.
Frequently Asked

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4.4 Of 5 By 106 Users
March 29,2021
Minga Bell

Great product!! Helps me with my cravings and gives me energy!

March 11,2021
Kayla Jo Bagby

Great product.

March 04,2021
Tracey Hook

Great Product to help you with your weight loss goal - Keeps the cravings down

February 25,2021
Patti Koosed

I have taken this product since 2008 and it is working for me.

February 20,2021
Warren Seay

Love products

February 19,2021
Debra Barone

I don’t notice any difference. Weight loss has stopped for 2 months in spite of mostly two shakes a day, minimal snacks. 1 meal. Feel Like I’m at a standstill without exercise which makes me question efficacy of the products.

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